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.rar Brute Forcer [Software]

This is a .rar files brute forcer, it will attempt to brute force any rar file with password.
It allow the following brute force methods:

-Number brute force, It will try all the numbers from 1 to 999999999 in that rar file
-Letters brute force, it will test all letters combination from 1 chars to 8 chars
-Password list, as the name states it will attempt all the passwords in your password list

The bot comes packed with a folder named crackme, insde there are 4 rar files that you can try to crack to test.

The bot comes packed with a small passlist.txt

IMPORTANT: Your .rar file can't be in a path with a folder name with spaces eg. "c:\my folder\rarfile.rar" this is wrong cause folder "my folder" have spaces

If password cracked, or if program must exit the window will not remain open , if it cracked the file it will save the password at rar_password.txt in the same folder as the bot, if you are running a passlist the bot will exit after reach the end if no pass found in the while.

[Image: T5qSRM.png]

[Download for Windows]

* i noticed some bugy output when cracking letters, its just bugy output, it is doing what its suppose to do.

to the software there are 2 kind of .rar files, .rar files with password and .rar files with password and encrypted files, it will try passwords faster in rar files with the files encrypted, that is a option that you can set when compressing the file.

for free just death, tip me Smile

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