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This is my personal review in using and i have the right to tell the world about this.

Stay away using their exchange service as they do not deliver .10 BTC after i order it. When i reported to their chat support they advice me to contact the admin support, then the admin ask me the order number. When i check my account to get the order number then my account already not exist!!!!!!!!!!!!

I complaint several times and they ask me to provide the order number! Which i told them i can not open my account anymore, they advice me to give my email but they said it does not exist. I don't even open my email address as my email address used is they same to their website So it is very very clear that this website is a big scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away guys!!!!! I warn you all!!!
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perhaps...the domain is registered since 2017-02-15 , the domain it self .cash is kind of sketchy.

i personally stick to stuff that i already know that is not a scam, or that is easily identifiable as not scam.
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is bitcoin getting ban? many of the countries are banning cryptocurrency. I want to invest but now i m very confused to do
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