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Full Version: Faucet Collector ( Version 2.3.0 - May 10, 2019 ) ~ Now Earn Money Solving Captchas ~
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Now with FCCS - Faucet Collector Captcha Solutions 
      If anyone wants to buy a Yearly version using Paypal Pm me here.   

Tutorial (Complete Overview)Youtube Link 

     (Click on the thread below to get the Bot )

[Image: lq2FO8.jpg]

  • Try not to abuse any faucet. Bear in mind that setting the speed of the bot too fast might result in a ban from the faucets. Setup a few scheduled pauses to make it look like a human is doing the claims.

  • Faucet Collector has been regularly updated based on user feedback and requests. More than 75 updates have been provided throughout the year. You can check the update history below.

  • Faucet Collector has a large community with more than 5000 users. The first version on August 2017 mainly for auto claiming on Raiblocks (now Nano). Soon more faucets where added. Last year version 2.0 was released with support for community scripts. Currently, there are 200+ faucets available ranging up to 50+ different cryptocurrencies.


[Image: aV0x6p.jpg]

[Image: yB0VFt.jpg]

[Image: DN5MFh.jpg]

[Image: qUxGzC.jpg]

Updates Log: 


Version 2.3.0 - May 10, 2019

Captcha: Earn money for solving FCCS captchas from inside the bot.
Captcha: Solving images in manual mode shows SolveMedia suggestions.

New scripts since version 2.2.4:, Sato.Host, Bonanza News, BC.Game,,,

Entire Log :
paid and now I'm waiting ... Transaction ... thx                    
works ! But! RaiB. not work .. why?(((
Huh Huh Huh
(Sep 24 2017, 10:51 AM)t6maro Wrote: [ -> ]works ! But! RaiB. not work .. why?(((
Huh Huh Huh

Rai will Works soon. 9kw just sucks in solving AUDIO captcha...Its not the problem with BOT..

It will soon be resolved. Also 9Captcha Doesnt support Rai Audiocaptcha.. 

Do post a Review on how everything else works .. thanks Smile
The bot is very good and works. I have my star
  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
all works, just Rai doesn't work now(              
the following faucets do not work:

- bitsilver
- btcforclicks
- bituniverse
- bitlucky
- bitgolden


Signin button not found

(Sep 25 2017, 11:48 AM)angelusce79 Wrote: [ -> ]the following faucets do not work:

- bitsilver
- btcforclicks
- bituniverse
- bitlucky
- bitgolden


Signin button not found


Before posting something check the website.

Did you check the website? 
Currently the Claim button has been Disabled by the Faucet Owners.

They do that with these 5 websites everytime they lag in payment and Renable when they are ready to pay!

Just yesterday you posted saying all works, so you think the Bot changed itself in a day?

Its not the BOT , its problem with Faucet!!! CHECK ITSmile

litecoins works better, add more faucets than litecoins, yesterday made 10,000 litoshis Big Grin
(Sep 25 2017, 02:30 PM)angelusce79 Wrote: [ -> ]litecoins works better, add more faucets than litecoins, yesterday made 10,000 litoshis Big Grin

Very happy to hear that Smile

But please do read the IMP TIP i have given in my first post! Else you will be banned by the Faucet and Even FaucetHUB account will be in trouble.
I'm sure you read the tip Wink

So congrats Smile
Constantly, dogecoin does not claim self? Angel Angel Angel
I already purchased the faucet collector. And for captcha service do I have to pay for it too?
[quote='chaserdream11' pid='17656' dateline='1506204417']\r\n[b][size=large]Faucet Collector[\/size][\/b] is a Bot which has many Faucets Along with RAIBLOCK , WAVE.\r\n\r\nAfter talking with the creator i can assure you that he soon will be adding many more Faucets and will also be including soon.\u00a0\r\n\r\n[b][size=large]BOT Features :\u00a0[\/size][\/b]\r\n\r\n
  • [b]Faucets[\/b]\u00a0[url=][color=#337ab7]Moonbitcoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?ref=13fb14fab0e4][color=#337ab7]Moonlitecoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?ref=2423a82a5e34][color=#337ab7]Moondogecoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?ref=7E837DE9B459][color=#337ab7]Bonusbitcoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/?r=6229523][color=#337ab7]Freebitcoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/][color=#337ab7]RaiBlocks[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]BtcForClicks[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bitgolden[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bitsilver[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bitlucky[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bituniverse[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/litecoin\/?r=LPLqpgLcweVBUeHqDSiSgT1siKNPQuu6J1][color=#337ab7]GetFreeCoin LTC[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/bcash\/?r=1F5PWX1dk6NJoQEEKDbthi2eaFAkyTCnab][color=#337ab7]GetFreeCoin BCH[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/litecoin\/?r=LPLqpgLcweVBUeHqDSiSgT1siKNPQuu6J1][color=#337ab7]PentaFaucet[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/faucet.html][color=#337ab7]Waves Go[\/color][\/url]\r\n
  • [b]More[\/b]\u00a0faucets are coming soon.\u00a0\r\n
  • [b]CAPTCHA[\/b]\u00a0SolveMedia, reCAPTCHA solving by\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?from=2724381][color=#337ab7]2captcha[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/][color=#337ab7]imagetyperz[\/color][\/url]\u00a0and\u00a0[color=#337ab7][url=https:\/\/\/register_156372.html][\/url]\u00a0 \u00a0[\/color]\r\n
  • [b]Notifications[\/b]\u00a0send to your phone by Prowl or Notify My Android\r\n[\/list]\r\nAlso the Creator of the BOT has promised to add Manual captcha Solving soon.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\u00a0[b][size=x-large]Here is the link to the website to get the Bot:\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/58785]LINK[\/url][\/size][\/b]\r\n\r\nI have been using this BOT for almost a month now and i get update for 2-3 days with new faucets . But\u00a0for some unknown reason the website is not updated with new BOT images and Reviews. So i myself will provide\u00a0you with all the images of how the BOT is. You can check the Below Links, i will be taking these pics from the BOT installed in my System.\u00a0Smile\r\n\r\n[b]FAUCETS :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govjx7[\/b]\r\n\r\n\r\n[b]Wallets :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govkpe[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]Captcha Service :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govl4s[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]Notifications :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govlgk[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]FaucetHub :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govm6e[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]MoonFaucets :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govmal[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]RaiBlocks :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govmet[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]and more Smile\r\n\r\nIf you are not sure about how this work's you can always go for 1 month Plan which costs you 1.99 $ only.\u00a0[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]But by this post of mine , if\u00a0you are convinced\u00a0about the BOT, then you can go for Lifetime which costs you 6.99 $.\u00a0[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]Good luck ! Smile[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]EDIT : [color=#ff3333]For Raiblocks, Since they have changed to Audio Captcha...only 9kw is able to solve them. But problem with 9kw is they suck at Audiocaptcha. So New CaptchaService Is being adopted for Raiblocks and soon will be updated.[\/color][\/b]\r\n\r\n[b][size=x-large]IMP TIP[\/size]\u00a0: If a faucet provides 50 Satoshi every 10 mins, dont be too greedy and keep time intrval as 10 mins. You can choose Time interval between 20-25 mins with Random marked as you can see in screenshot and use. This way the faucets will never detect Bot.[\/b]\r\n[b]Dont blame me later if the faucet detects you are using BOT and you get banned. just dont be greedy and keep small intervals.\u00a0\r\n\r\nThankyou Smile[\/b]\r\n[\/quote]\r\n\r\n\r\nhere bro\u00a0 this might help you\u00a0 \u00a0in your work\u00a0 Wink\u00a0\r\nhttps:\/\/\/watch?v=JL_MrN6bi8M
[quote='neiljondc' pid='17759' dateline='1506392181']\r\nI already purchased the faucet collector. And for captcha service do I have to pay for it too?\r\n[\/quote]\r\n\r\n\r\nYou can earn Credits in 9kw and 2Captcha !\r\n\r\n[quote='anonmouse' pid='17762' dateline='1506399652']\r\n\r\nhere bro\u00a0 this might help you\u00a0 \u00a0in your work\u00a0 Wink\u00a0\r\n\r\n[\/quote]\r\n\r\nThankyou , will check this and pass it on Smile